Lodge Hill

Since the development of the yard at Lodge Hill, 97 boxes have been installed complete with rubberised floors for insulation and automatic water drinkers, along with three six-horse walkers, wash-down bays, solariums, an equine spa, Vitafloor (stable with vibrating floor), turnout pens and veterinary treatment room.

The Barns

The three existing barns at Badbury have been thoughtfully converted for use with the racehorse at the forefront of the design.

Two of the three barns have been converted into stabling for the horses, with the internal structure built by Loddon and Claydon. The partitions of the barn are constructed using recycled polypropylene plastic which promotes healthy and sanitary surroundings; due the nature of the material, it ensures the stables can be cleaned and disinfected to a high standard.

The final barn houses an indoor six-horse walker, wash down bays and solarium, with the entire floor of the barn being rubberised by in order to provide the safest underfoot conditions possible for the horses.

Alne Park

During the Summer of 2018 the existing yard at Alne Park has undergone significant alterations, and the 30-box yard will be a quiet location for any horses requiring periods of rest and recuperation.

With no horses in training it presents the ideal environment for holidaying and resting horses, allowing them to be away from the bustle and bustle of the other yards.