The View From The Office

In this week’s View we are finally basking in a prolonged period of warm weather…very unusual for a Bank Holiday weekend and a long time coming!

Flower, our last office chick to hatch

It has been an very exciting few days on several fronts, in no small part due to the eagerly anticipated arrival of six office chicks. They appeared bang on time, starting to hatch on Thursday with all of them out of their shells by Saturday morning. Our final chick (named Flower by Dan & Grace’s daughter Florence) has been a little steadier in getting to grips with the world and it looked a bit touch and go for a time, but all six are now eating well, extremely cute and continuing to thrive…and distract us office girls somewhat. 

The first few days of the new season have started with a bang, and the team have really hit the ground running. We had a nice surprise when Zebi Boy was our first winner of the new season at 22-1, but it does really show how much of a difference this better ground we have all been waiting for can make.

Harry & team after a 4-timer at Uttoxeter on Saturday

The rest of the long Bank Holiday weekend continued apace with seven winners on the board by the end of Monday, including Harry’s first four-timer at Uttoxeter on Saturday with wins aboard Zebi Boy, Not That Fuisse, Black Sam Bella & Mrsrobin. My personal highlight of the weekend was the first win of 2018 for the Rio Gold Racing Club, as their Simply Lucky won at Towcester on Sunday. The RGRC is run ‘in-house’ and the members are a really fun bunch, with hopefully plenty to look forward to for the Summer ahead. Now the ground has gone in the favour of the Summer horses we should be seeing the Club’s colours out and about quite a lot in the coming weeks.

Rio Gold Racing Club members & their Towcester winner Simply Lucky

Back at home, the warm weather has meant that the horses have finally been able to get out in the field for their Summer break. It’s always lovely seeing them get their first taste of freedom, and they have definitely got plenty of grass to get stuck into until they come back into training in July! It’s also a bit of a relief for the staff who last week were working flat to the mat and it now lessens their workload slightly, with a good deal of the team having taken some well-deserved time off. Empty stables do not however mean idle hands, as the tasks of power hosing, disinfecting & painting the yard now begins. For our former Head Girl Polly Freeman, now back from maternity leave, this is possibly the best time of year as she is a demon with the power hose and will work away washing down & disinfecting the stables from dawn to dusk. Without people like Polly and the rest of the hard working team who are willing to turn their hands to various chores at this time of year the yard would certainly not be anywhere near as spic and span as we are so used to seeing it.

It’s finally holiday time at Lodge Hill!

We are also busy gearing up for the upcoming sales season, and with lots of purchasing opportunities both at home and away before the horses come in Dan and the team will be busy looking for the next superstar. The young ‘store’ horses are always fascinating to watch develop; from arriving in the yard fresh from the sales Ella & I like to pick out our favourites, and watching the babies go through their early education and seeing how each of them turn out as racehorses is a lot of fun.

Let’s hope the Sun keeps shining and the winners keep coming!


Until next week…

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