Equine Influenza Outbreak

It’s been a fairly eventful week for everyone in the racing industry, and the team at Lodge Hill are glad to be slowly getting back to normal with racing having resumed this week.

Our three runners from Ludlow immediately went into quarantine as advised, and last Friday our vet Paolo Guasco spent the morning taking swabs from every horse on the yard which have now returned negative results. As per the updated BHA vaccination requirements to run most of the horses have had a flu booster this week and although we do have a handful of horses who have been more recently vaccinated and therefore do not need a vaccination to be eligible to run, the majority of the horses were vaccinated when they came back in to training in July. We will therefore be having a quieter week than is usual for this time of year as far as runners are concerned.

The staff have been really happy with the health of the horses and we hope having to vaccinate won’t be too much of a hold up as we prepare the team for a Spring campaign. As ever our thanks go to our staff, Paolo & our owners for their cooperation and patience throughout this trying week for the sport. With only four weeks to go until the Cheltenham Festival we are now really looking forward to getting back to normal following the equine flu outbreak, and hope for a successful end to the season!


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