Lodge Hill

Until January 2013, Lodge Hill was a working livestock farm comprising around 90 acres of stunning countryside and surrounded by woodland. In January 2013 work began on turning the farm into the racehorse specific environment that can be seen there today.

As well as the structural development that has taken place to turn it into the purpose built equestrian facility it is today, special care and attention was given to the land in order to make high quality hay which forms an integral part of the racehorses’ diet. The fields that are not set aside for hay or jumping the horses, are used as turnout.

Since the development of the yard at Lodge Hill, 74 boxes have been installed complete with rubberised floors for insulation and automatic water drinkers, along with two six-horse walkers, wash-down bays, solariums, an equine spa, Vitafloor (stable with vibrating floor), turnout pens and veterinary treatment room.