We are extremely proud of our state of the art EquaFlow gallop. This pioneering new technology was used by our sponsors Andrews Bowen Ltd when they provided the stunning equestrian facilities at Greenwich for the London 2012 Olympic Games. It provides a completely consistent surface across the whole width of the gallop, whatever the weather, and ensures the optimum conditions for our horses to reach their peak fitness.

The gallop is laid out with a 2-furlong loop at the bottom, and has a three-horse width along the straights to accommodate our schooling fences. From the loop extends a curving uphill gallop, which is a five-furlong stretch and has a rise of 45m over the length of the gallop; the overall length of the gallop including the loop is seven furlongs. Situated at the top of the gallop is a small loop around which the horses can quietly pull up to a trot after completing their climb up the hill. The smaller trotting loop enables the horses to gradually cool down on completion of their morning exercise before heading back to the yard.

Not only is it exciting for our visitors, but it is also vital from a training point of view to watch the horses exercise on a daily basis. At the top of the hill we have a viewing hut, in order for owners and visitors to watch their horses work whilst sheltering from the elements, which provides stunning views not only of the full length of the gallop but over Warwickshire and its neighbouring counties.

You can view a video of the building of the gallop below. For more information on Andrews Bowen’s groundbreaking technology that uses reinforced plastic crates as the foundation of the gallop, you can visit their website or contact them directly via

As well as our gallop at Lodge Hill, we also have a 250m deep sand round gallop which is perfect for slow and steady stamina work. It is a hugely useful tool for educating the young horses in how to settle into a rhythm and work quietly, whilst being an advantage for horses returning from injury. Long, slow work is vital in increasing the stamina required for National Hunt racing and cantering on the deep sand gives the horses and great workout.